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10 Streets That Will Literally Warp You Into a Different Dimension

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Wow — look at these streets! If you were to walk down any of these streets you will literally be warped into a different dimension of an entirely different world. Whoa!

double red doors

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Legend has it that, if you walk behind the Arundel Mills Mall in suburban Hanover, Maryland, you will find a corridor that leads to two, red double doors. They will be marked “Employees Only.” Ignore this warning and pass through them and you will be transported to a magical realm. A medieval kingdom where the black knight challenges the white knight for supremacy and mead and ale is offered to all. Heed the Kings warning and — actually, hold on this is just a Medieval Times restaurant.

wormhole on a street

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Fall into the blue wormhole seen here, on this quiet brick lined street and be prepared to transport yourself to a drastically different dimension. Here, through this wormhole everyone you know named Greg is actually named Craig, and vice versa. Hall of Fame Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves pitcher Greg Maddux? Nope, it’s Craig Maddux here. Think your brain is ready for it?


new york to canada

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Travel to the northernmost point of New York state, keep going north. Go north past the snow, past the men in funny hats and red jackets, past the mystical wizards that request to see your passport. Satisfy them and all their demands and then, you are able to pass into this new and different dimension, where everything seems very similar to your home, but it’s colder and everyone has free healthcare. There’s also portals available at 12 other states including Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and Maine. OK, I admit it — this is actually Canada.


candy alley

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Step down this gloomy, spooky street and you’ll find yourself transported to a world almost too scary to imagine. Here, in this dimension, Halloween happens every 2 months. And, if that wasn’t scary enough, no one gives out good candy! Hope you like charleston chews and candy corn, because that’s all you’ll be getting here.


bourbon street wormhole

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This festive wormhole looks like a lot of fun, but, if you’re not too careful it will transport you to a dimension it’s totally okay to publicly urinate. This dimension is known as bourbon street.


quaint town

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This quaint, flower filled side street looks welcoming, but the wormhole it will lead you down is a terrible nightmare for any fan of the iconic Back To The Future trilogy. Travel down this wormhole and you will find yourself transported to a dimension in which Steve Guttenberg was chosen as the lead for the original Back to The Future. The movie becomes a critical flop, though Guttenberg would also go on to star in Teen Wolf and win an oscar for that performance


London telephone booth

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This London Telephone booth will not only allow you to make a call, but also take you into a dimension where watching “Dr. Who” is considered cool.

Ukranian village

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Journey down this small, Ukrainian alley and you’ll have the opportunity to travel back in time — all the way back to the year 1990. Put on a pair of acid washed jeans and watch movies exclusively on VHS. Go out to a club and enjoy the tail end of hair metal or some crappy eurotechno music. And no, there is no internet, but there are plenty of Pogs to keep you occupied. Although, it should be noted that this is not a verified wormhole because it’s very possible that Eastern Europe is still just stuck in the 90’s.

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