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11 Instances When Donald Trump Refused to Apologize

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“I apologize for no one!”


Donald trump at the gopdebate

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Trump is known to make brash statements and do some pretty horrid things. Worse, he almost never apologizes for them. Take for example his comment about Carly Fiorina’s face as he said, “Look at that face!” during a Rolling Stone interview. He later cleared that he meant her “character,” but still refused to apologize. This happens a lot with Trump. Here are ten instances when Trump refused to apologize for his actions.

  • That time he broke his roommate’s guitar string and refused to replace it.
  • That time he clogged the Trump Tower’s penthouse bathroom and didn’t tell anyone about it.
  • That time he put the milk carton back in the fridge empty.
  • That time he made out with your girlfriend two months before you met her but he still didn’t say anything until she drunkenly one night told you Trump was a better kisser than you and you slept in your car.
  • That time in farted in the elevator. Loudly.
  • That time he pulled the plugged on your grandmother even though she was just sleeping and in the hospital for knee surgery.
  • That time he caught stealing Trivial Pursuit pie pieces to beat his 11 year old nephew.
  • That time he beat up his 11 year old nephew for beating him at Trivial Pursuit.
  • That time he forgot to pick you up from the airport, and when you confronted him he said you told him the wrong date.
  • That time you checked your email that showed you definitely told him the right date to pick you up from the airport, and when you confronted him, he stabbed your in the thigh with a corn cob holder.
  • That time he used your corn cob holders without asking.

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