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11 Tattoos With Deep Spiritual Or Religious Meanings

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Because tattoos go deeper than the skin.

Man and women have tattooed their bodies for hundreds if not thousands of years. Wow, that’s a long time. And while some tattoos have very little meaning, many are so much more important than that. They can have personal or social meanings that help people communicate without words. Certain symbols have been placed on hundreds of thousands of bodies, and will continue because they help people feel a certain centered emotion. Sometimes it calms them down or reminds of the world outside their own.


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These 11 tattoos, which you might have seen before, have some real serious meanings.

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The Semicolon

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The semicolon represents a pause in a sentence that will continue. The sentence is not over, but there’s a small break. The symbol has been adopted by people who deal with depression as it symbolizes a commitment to life. While depression may slow you down, just like a semicolon in a sentence, it does not mean life is over. The sentence being a metaphor for life. Do you get it?


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The symbol is a trinity that combines Earth, Sky, and Water. It is also seen by the Christian community as a symbol for the Holy Trinity, Jesus, God guy, and the Holy Spirit.