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11 Things Ultra-Lazy People Do Differently

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Ever feel like there’s not enough hours in the day? Always struggling to get work done?

Then there are your co-workers and friends who just seem to let the day slip by without a worry in the world. In fact, you can’t believe they have a job, apartment, and even clean clothes.

We all want less out of life. We want to be able to stay in bed until 3:00 and barely manage to see daylight. Well, Farce is here to help. We interviewed some of the laziest people we know to find out what works for them, and compiled a list of 11 habits that ultra-lazy people adhere by. Ready to lose your self-respect?


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Here’s how to let your days go to waste!

1. They Fake Sick

fake sick

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Lazy people are always finding their way out of any situation. Pretending to be sick is a great way to cut out of work early or just not show up at all. The trick is they take have a doctor as a friend in case they need a note.

2. They Lie About Their Personal Life

dad with fake kid

This kid isn’t real. (Photo by shutterstock)

Lazy people need to have a lot of tricks in their pocket. They make up some really wild stories about their personal life. They definitely make up a wife and kids. It’s easy to avoid work if you need to attend a dance recital. They build up stories, too. Maybe they have a leaky faucet one day that turns into a flooded kitchen the next!