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12 Lies You’ve Been Told About Relationships

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Everyone is trying to meet that perfect someone that sends them head over heels. The someone that gives them ALL the feels. That’s right, all of them.

Well, when one is looking, often they forget all of the ugly aspects for a relationship. Or, worse, you begin to believe all of the lies about relationships that you hear from single people and the ones in a relationship. We’re here to dispels those awful falsities.


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Lie: You have to find each other attractive.

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Truth: true love comes in all shapes and sizes, for the best relationships, stop being so shallow and let love in. You might be surprised who really wows you in the end.

Lie: Farting on first date is a bad idea.


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Truth: If your date can’t take you the way you are, then why are you with this person? The very first minute you meet your date, you need to beef like you’ve never beefed before. True love will smell its way to you.