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12 of the Weirdest Facts About Couples in the Bedroom

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There are plenty of wild facts about sex and what you do with the lights off, but these 12 facts are probably the strangest you’ve ever heard. What’s wild about it, is that they’re all 100% true! I know it’ll be hard to believe because they come off sounding so crazy, but wow!

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Can these facts help you perform better? Probably…

The Male Armpit is Actually the Greatest Erogenous Zone.

man's armpit

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It’s true! There’s more nerve endings in the male armpit than anywhere else. Tickle it with a feather and watch your man squirm with joy.

Male Nipples Can Produce Milk if You Try Hard Enough.

male nipples

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Yikes! You probably never spent a lot of time on your man’s chest, but if you work hard enough, you might get a taste of something sweet.