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12 Things You NEED to Know About Men

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Men are interesting creatures. They seemingly are able to create and invent amazing things yet somehow can manage to do the dumbest things you’ve ever seen. It’s all in a day’s work for men!

But it’s not all their fault, there’s plenty of reasons why men act the way they do. It’s part of their nature. When you learn that, it’s a lot easier to deal with all of their…peculiarities…let’s call them that, shall we?

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Oh boy, bet you can’t wait to learn about men…

Here’s what you NEED to know about men.


Men are dumb.

men are dumb

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Here’s the first thing you need to know about men. They’re quite dumb. I can’t imagine this ended well, can you?

Men are idiots.

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Here’s the second thing you need to know: they really have trouble putting two and two together. Poor guy. Let me guess, he forgot to put sunscreen on, too!