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15 Signs of a True Gentleman

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Are you a gentleman? Maybe. But are you a TRUE gentleman? That’s harder to know. Sure, anyone can hold open a door for a pretty woman, or buy flowers at the local gas station before picking up your escort for the night, but can you go beyond that? That’s what a TRUE gentleman does. There are 15 tried and true signs of a gentleman, and we have them for you.


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Find out what the signs of a true gentleman include.

1. Will lay in puddle so a lady won’t ruin her heels.

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2. Wears a tie to the office that he doesn’t work at and never has.

3. Won’t use her as a human shield in a gunfight.

4. Won’t replace her birth control with Tic Tacs.

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5. Reads her texts just to make sure she ain’t creepin’.

6. Only listens to music as vintage Napster mp3s.