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21 Year Old Girl Claims to Have 36 Best Friends

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girl claims to have 36 best friends

Stacey and two of her closest friends she just met. (Photo by Agung Parameswara/Getty Images)

“This is Kelly! She’s like, my best friend,” claimed Stacey McMillan on her 21st birthday. She had announced the gathering on her Facebook wall, inviting “anyone and everyone,” but apparently only her closest friends joined her.

“And this is Brianna, seriously, she’s literally my best friend.” Though none of the people attending the bash introduced themselves as Stacey’s best friend, or even a regular friend, that didn’t stop Stacey from letting everyone know who was who. “Oh my gawd, you have to meet Jeremy, have you met him? Because he’s literally, no joking, for reals, seriously my best friend ever. Hold on, my Mom is calling, and she’s seriously my best friend so I have to take this.”

In total, Stacey claimed to have 36 best friends at the party, some of whom she met that night. “We totally just peed in the sink together, this girl, oh my gawd what’s your name?”

“Jenny, and I was washing my hands.”

“Jenny is my best friend. Like, seriously, like literally, totally literally for reals my BFF for life for real…” Stacey then exploded.