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30 Horrifically Disturbing Things You Do With Your Best Friend Behind Closed Doors

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Best friends are the BEST. They are always there for you, especially when you need it, and they will never betray you, even if you ask them to. The best thing about best friends is how they let you act when no one is looking. If you’re around just them, they’ll let you do some hilarious and disgusting things.

two best friends

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Here’s a list of all the horrifically disturbing things you can do with you best friend.

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1. Constantly saying, “You’re my best friend!” — “No, YOU’RE my best friend!”

best friends

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2. Pluck each other’s mustache hairs.

3. Share a Diet Coke!

4. Share each other’s clothes, including underwear!

best friends 02

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5. Paint each other’s nails UGLY colors!

6. Do yoga without pants on.