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32 Year Old Sculptor/Barista Wishes He Had Less Supportive Parents

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parents standing behind 32 year old son as he srves coffee

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Sitting on the futon bed of the studio apartment he shares with two other grown men, sculptor/barista Michael Loukas admitted to reporters that he wishes he had less supportive parents.

Loukas, who still owes $10,000 in student loans from the Maryland Institute College of Art, now curses his incredibly happy childhood. He often daydreams about what life would be like as a manager at a Best Buy, a career path he thinks he could have settled for if not for a mother and father that constantly reassured him and actively encouraged his unrealistic dreams.

“Sculpting? Why didn’t they just let me major in ‘eating scrambled eggs for dinner?’” lamented Loukas, before heading to the job with no health insurance he’s held for the last 8 years.

At press time, the 32 year with $12.36 in his checking account was researching the qualifications necessary to become a real estate agent.