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5 Things Everyone Needs to Know About the Leo

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What makes a Leo?

The stars are aligned and, my friends, it is time for a new zodiac sign to travel down onto Mother Earth. Leo is here and he is roaring his way into every gaping hole of our spirits. That shaggy mane and majestic body will grace our minds for the next month, and if you’re a Leo, this is your time to shine. For everyone else, it’s time to find your inner Leo and pull it out from inside of you and let it burst atop the bellies and faces of the world.

So what does it mean to be a Leo? Here’s 5 things that every person needs to know about Leos.

(Photo by shutterstock)

(Photo by shutterstock)

Watch out, here they come!

Leos are known for making a splash in the world. So get out of their way! Seriously! If you’re walking toward a Leo and you’re in their way, they will bump into you. That’s so Leo! They’re impossible to miss, because Leos are made of flesh and blood. They’re big on breathing and walking at the same time, and if you bump into them, they will be perturbed.

Hear them roar!

You need to watch out with Leos. Get this: if they don’t eat or are deprived of sleep they will get grumpy. Grumpy with a capital G. They do not like being hungry, it really bothers them. Don’t even try to hold them down and wave food in their face. Leos are SO against that. They’re so crazy.

A head for planning.

Leos LOVE a routine. For example, they will use the bathroom at least once a day, everyday. What? That’s insane! They also grow their hair on a slow, but regular basis. Everyday, just a few decimals of a centimeter, but they don’t care, they LOVE to grow their hair.

Once is enough.

For Leos, celebrating their birthday once a year is enough, and they like to celebrate it on the day they were born. Unless their birthday is on an odd day like Wednesday, then they’ll wait until the weekend. Oh yeah, and Leos hate Wednesdays. Mondays, too.

Hard workers.

Leos are such hard workers. They try to work enough to afford rent and things that they want to buy. Most wish to make more money with less work. Leos are wild like that.

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