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6 Times a Fascist Leader Totally Worked Out for Everybody

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This week Donald Trump called for a ‘complete shutdown’ of Muslims to enter the United States. That, along with suggesting we label everyone who is a Muslim, and his general bigotry rhetoric has had political pundits calling him, flat out, a fascist.

While some see that as atrocious, we must remember, there were some fascist leaders that totally worked out and everyone was super into.

donald trump

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Here are other times a Fascist leader totally worked out for everyone.


Adolf Hitler


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Now this guy was two thumbs up! Really showed his country how to run things. Hey, and he even expanded the land mass of his country, at least for a little while. Coming into power in 1934, he led the Germans to some real wins.

A lot of people compare Trump to Hitler, and I say why not? They both have great hair and a way of really getting the low-brow masses riled up.

Benito Mussolini


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Heck yes! This guy was so chill and everyone was super happy about him being in power, Giacomo Matteotti sure liked to talk about him until he died by assassination. How? No ones knows!

Anyway, you know who was great at surviving assassination attempts? Mussolini! He was also great at dismantling the government and doing whatever he felt like doing. And that’s pretty cool, if you ask me!