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600-Pound Woman Gives Birth To 40-Pound Baby, Celebrates with Baby’s Back Ribs

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fat lady eating a baby

(Photo by Shuttrstock)

A woman recently set the record for the largest baby every born, 40 pounds. The Australian woman, who was 600 pounds herself, couldn’t have been any happier.

“I thought I was getting so fat. I’m glad to have lost the 40 pounds, I worked really hard to lose the weight.” The woman admitted between bites of a pastrami and rye. “And now I can celebrate with my new baby, I can’t wait to feed on him.” She said.

Several reporters tried to correct the woman’s mistake. “You mean feed him correct?” asked one reporter.

The woman then looked suspiciously around the room, “Yes.. yes…feed him.” she whispered as she began making a barbecue marinade. “Now, I must be going, I need to prepare my grill to…eat..with…my new, ripe and tender, baby.”