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9 Fast Food Products That Never Made it to Market

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Before any restaurant releases a new product, there are months and months of testing. Some products get the thumbs up, like the Taco Bell Doritos Loco Taco and the McRib, while other products fall flat on their face.

From our un-named sources, we were able to uncover some of fast food’s biggest fails. Then, we made them, and made our staff try them out.

Fast Food Fails

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SeefFast food’s biggest fails and watch our staff eat them in the slideshow below.

McMorning Breath


(Photo by PrettyGoodVideos)

McDonald’s, on the other hand, still haven’t found a way to capitalize on the brunch rush. Their pop-tart and fish filet sandwich was their first attempt to combine both breakfast with lunch. Unfortunately, it only did well with really hungry people.

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Fruit ‘N Feathers Apple Pies


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Apple pies are delicious. So is Bar-b-que sauce and chicken nuggets. So, why not combine the two? That’s what McDonalds tried to do in the early 2000s with little success. While testing it in some countries like Canada, which they enjoyed the treat, not enough of the market was available to try the Fruit ‘N Feathers pies for old Ronald and friends to follow through.