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9 of the Grossest Things in Your Kitchen

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We all know the place where you make and eat your food should be as spotless as a museum. But no matter how hard you try, there are plenty of unsuspecting places and things in your kitchen that are beyond GROSS. Some are obvious, while others may catch you surprise. Warning: after reading this list, you’re going to want to scrub every inch of your kitchen.


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Get your cleaning supplies ready! See what are the grossest things in your kitchen right now…


The Sink

dirty kitchen sink

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Believe it or not, the place where you clean all your dishes is one of the grossest areas of the kitchen! It’s home to many germs and bacteria that you do not want on or around the food your eat. It’s best to keep your sink clean by scrubbing it down after every time you do the dishes.

The Sponge

dirty kitchen sponge

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Of course — what are you doing those dishes with but a sponge. It seems pretty obvious, right? The sponge soaks up water, dirt, and just about anything else it touches, including bacteria. Your best bet is to replace that sponge often. If it still has some life in it but you suspect it’s become a little too dirty, you can always microwave the sponge to kill the bacteria.