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9 Sesame Street Characters and Their Celebrity Lookalikes

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The famous children’s show Sesame Street, which has been a favorite for generations, has some of the most iconic characters in entertainment. From Big Bird to Elmo, these characters are as recognizable as some of the biggest real life celebrities. Sometimes, so recognizable, we get the two confused.


Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty ; Flickr @Barry Stock


We found celebrity lookalikes to the most popular Sesame Street characters…See these amazing Sesame Street lookalikes!


Big Bird – Adrian Brody


Credit: Creative Commons; Lily Lawrence/Getty

Long limbs, big beak (nose), and great talent!

Bert and Ernie – Patrick and Ian


Source: Flickr @See-ming Lee; Twitter @SirPatStew

Both are best friends, maybe more! Who knows. We love them all anyway!