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9 Signs Your Husband is Unhappily Married

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You might think everything’s okay in your marriage, but is it really? If any of these 9 situation apply to you, your husband could very possibly be unhappy.

1. The spark is gone.

You used to hold hands and look deep into each other’s eyes. You used to laugh at each other, just because you were so happy to be together. Then adult life happened. Working late, buying a house, having children, it all took a toll. But still, from time to time, you had the special moments that made you feel like you were kids again. If those are getting rarer by the minute, that might be a warning sign.

2. He’s not willing to work on the marriage.

You are willing to fight for what you had, but he isn’t. He uses the same old excuses, too tired, stressed out, I don’t like that you’re hanging out with my friend Gary so much: the classics. You just want to talk, to get to the bottom of what’s wrong and get over it, together, but he’s unwilling to try.

3. He has repeatedly and very clearly communicated with you that he isn’t happy.

This is a big one. One of the surest signs that your husband is unhappy in your marriage is that he has very clearly told you he is unhappy in your marriage. Now, don’t worry, often times men say silly, emotionally driven things they don’t mean — this is nothing a little, open, honest communication can’t fix, but it still can be very hard to hear for the first time.

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