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“9/11 was an outside job,” Claims Dyslexic Conspiracy Theorist

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9-11 conspiracy

November 9th 2003 Rally(Photo by WikiCommons / Damon D’Amato)


Local dyslexic, Shon Jmith, took to the airwaves last Tuesday to get his accidentally lucid theory out.

In an early morning AM radio rant, Mr. Jmith proclaimed that the America was actually attacked by terrorists, not the US government as some have claimed. He vowed to uncover the plot himself since the mainstream media was not covering the 14-year-old story.

While those that heard the fiery speech found his tone alarming, his words didn’t generate much reaction. For an audience accustomed to hearing preachers howling through the most bizarre bit of Revelations and c-list pitch men hocking this millennium’s version of snake oil, a man ranting about widely accepted beliefs just wasn’t enough to get the calls coming in.

Mr. Jmith says his next radio announcement is sure to reverse that trend, telling us only that he has conclusive evidence that proves humans have been on the moon.