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A List of the ’56 Presidential Candidates

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Even though it’s a long ways away, a lot of political analysts are gearing up for the Presidential election of 2056. The competition is already tough, and a lot of politicians are saying this will be the tightest race of the century. Let’s take a look at who’s on the docket…

White_House_presidential candidates

(Photo by Creative Commons / Ad Meskens)

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Republican Jacob Percy

The “Howard Dean” of 2056, Percy is a screamer, especially when he doesn’t get his juice. While he started high in the polls, he slowly lost momentum when a tantrum overwhelmed him, and his audience.

Animal Party Malice Jordan

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Here’s a face that belongs in the White House! Or so Jordan’s campaign stickers proclaim. However, his hard stance on even distribution of Animal Crackers might stand in the way of that.