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“A Mediocre Taco” Enters GOP Race, Immediately Takes Lead

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The already bloated GOP presidential field just got a little bloated-er.

(Photo by shutterstock)

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images/Shutterstock)

A Mediocre Taco joined the race for the White House on Monday and the public reception was beyond enthusiastic. Within hours of announcing, A Mediocre Taco shirts, hats, and stickers were everywhere.

No national pundits predicted this level of support as Texas has far better tacos available than almost anywhere, but most feel the adoration is more of a function of the other far more disappointing candidates.

“Rick Perry is more of a wet hair sandwich,” said one undecided voter that showed up to learn more about A Mediocre Taco. “I’m really interested in the taco because even though its lettuce is all wilted and the meat is super burned, it’s still not saying things that make me cringe.”

And that—the inability to talk—might be A Mediocre Taco’s best weapon in this race. While other candidates talk about the dangers of letting adults chose who they marry or if it’s ok to pay women less for the same work, A Mediocre Taco sits back on an oddly greasy tortilla and watches as the love keeps rolling in.

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