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A Petition Has Been Created to Get Kim Kardashian to Move in With Kylie

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Credit: Charley Gallay/Getty

In a preview for an upcoming Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kylie Jenner said she would “seriously stab” herself if her bigger sister Kim temporarily moved into her $2.7 million Calabasas home.

Kim and Kanye need to leave their current residence while it’s being remodeled. The move would be temporary, and Kim, suggested living with Kylie temporarily.

“I would seriously stab myself,” said Kylie, “Nobody is staying at my house.”

Many people, however, think Kim living with Kylie would bring rise to a very interesting show dynamic. “I’d love to see Kim move in with Kylie,” said one Kardashian fan, Jessica Clampie, “For obvious reasons… pure entertainment.”

The possibility has even drawn a petition to ask Kim to move in with Kylie, stating it would help boost ratings for the show and bring some really true entertainment to television. “If Kylie is serious about her threat, that means she’s definitely not going to enjoy Kim’s time in her house,” said fan Nicolas Hardper, “I say, let her move in and see where it takes this wacky bunch.”


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