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A Small Town Is Two Steps Away As The Next Footloose Bar

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sagging pants and a girl in a miniskirt

Source: Instagram @jerk_jeans_boy (L); @anna_square (R)

Dadeville, Alabama is two votes away from making themselves look like a realistic version of the town in Footloose, by banning baggy pants for men and mini-skirts/daisy dukes for women.

City Councilman, Frank Goodman, proposed the measure last month. “I just love that movie Footloose up until they all start dancing. That’s when my loins get all heated and I have to take a cold bath while listening to Mike Huckabee speeches.” Goodman tried to propose a measure to ban dancing, however, from seeing the ending of the movie Footloose, knew it wouldn’t work out.

“I watched that movie in a blind rage. I can’t believe the town-folk let them dance. Well, I figured prohibiting people’s clothing is close enough to no dancing.” Goodman further explained how proposing bans on people’s clothing is a terrific way to spend government time and money.

“We’re also hoping in a few months we can also propose no reading for women, and mandatory uniforms: white robes and pointy white hats.”

While the ban still needs to be voted on by the county, Goodman and klan have no doubts of it passing. “Everyone on the council is a downright racist jackass, so I can imagine this will receive full support.”

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