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About The Farce Report

In a world fraught with corruption, violence, and degradation, The Farce Report provides essential insight and commentary on why things are really not so bad. The mission of the critically-acclaimed publication is to be the most inaccurate, nonsensical, and least thorough source of news on the Internet today, and that’s saying something. No bribe is too small, no celebrity scandal too unsavory for coverage. Our (insert jargon here) content combined with cat videos offers our audience significant value in exchange for its procrastinated attention. The Farce Report is dedicated to the belief that if a story does not immediately grip your attention, you should make up something else. If it sounds too fake to be true, you are probably looking at, not us. The Farce Report | News So Fake It Could Be Real

(Our legal advisors have urged us to highlight that everything you see on this site is for the purpose of creative satire. Any resemblance to verified facts, both past and present, is coincidental in nature. All work that appears on and its associated publishing feeds is the work of artistic creativity. Please don’t sue us.)