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15 Adorable Babies That Will Grow Up to be Horrible Criminals

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You know how you can combine two faces to see what their kid would look like? Or how you can use computers to see what a baby might look like as an adult? Well now, they’ve developed a new technology that can detect what children will grow up to be terrible criminals.

The technology, known as Predict-A-Crime, has helped us fund 15 of the most horrible criminals that are currently babies.

babies looking cute

Source: Imgur @forestofsarcasm; @boobookitty; @mrgoogle

See what awful crimes these adorable babies will one day commit.


Cash out

cute baby

Source: @mrgoogle

Here’s an adorable baby that will try to cash a 60 million dollar fake check at their local bank. When the teller becomes suspicious, the baby will pull out a gun, then accidentally drop it and shoot a dog in the foot. Cops will arrive shortly after.

Cat shake

cute baby

Source: @jesskady

This baby learned at a young age how to harness the use of cats. But it didn’t help when she tried to use 32 cats to rob a grocery store. The cats went straight for the fish market, and the cops went right for the culprit.