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Adorable Beavers Can Now Be Seen on Live Stream

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Wrong kind of beaver, Ron. (Photo by Creative Commons / Steve)

In an impressive move by the National Wildlife Federation, representative Ranger Darren Deloin announced that any active participant can now see beavers on a live stream.

“It’s quite simple, actually,” announced Ranger Deloin at a press conference to technology and beaver lovers alike. “We have a live stream that gives any viewer direct access to beavers doing beaverly things.”

Just after pointing out that beaverly isn’t a real word, one beaver-lover asked, “How does one access the live stream? Is there a portal via the National Wildlife Federation’s website?”

“Close,” Ranger Deloin replied, “There’s a portal via the National Wildlife Federation’s parks and roads.” A noticeable wave of confusion traveled through the crowd. “Again, it’s quite simple. First, you get off your couch, go outside, drive to a National Park, find a stream, and walk along it until you see a beaver.”

Immediately, the crowd cleared, horrified at the thought of actually doing anything that didn’t involve a screen. Ranger Deloin returned to his station to cry alone at his desk.