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Afghans Beaten In The Streets Of Amsterdam

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Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your…rugs?

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AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS– “They were high quality Afghans made with the highest-quality wool. I have no idea what would bring on such hateful behavior towards my babies,” master weaver Dirk Kokshuis said of his rugs, many of which can be seen being brutally beaten with wooden sticks and brooms in the disturbing video above.

“The worst part for me was seeing the children involved,” Kokshuis continued, “Such blind hatred.” The video, which surfaced last week from the depths of Good Housekeeping’s vaults during a routine dusting, is short, but it sheds light on the growing mistrust of things simply swept under the rug in European nations.

We spoke to one of the women in the video, Eefke Das, who doesn’t see what all the fuss is about. “They were dirty and dusty and deserved what they got. We’ll all be at it again in the fall.” We hope Dutch authorities heed her warning and reinforce troops or Afghans may never be safe in Amsterdam again.