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After Weeks of Waiting, Local Area Woman’s Avocado Still Not Ripe

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Avacado - woman

(Photo Credit: BigStock/ Natalia Zakharova and Petr Kurgan)

“All I want is some guacamole!” belted Christie Graff from her kitchen as the police surrounded her. The local Lima, Ohio resident waited weeks for her avocado to ripen before the local law enforcement was finally called. The 62 year old, purchased the rock hard avocado at a nearby grocery store hoping for a fun and convenient snack in two to four days. “Boy, was I wrong,” she shouted to sheriff Tony Mann, “I’ve wasted three weeks thinking about this avocado, I can’t take it anymore!” Several officers tried to restrain the grandmother of two as she held a knife to the avocado, apparently throwing caution to the wind and preparing to eat, what would have been, a very unenjoyable fruit.

Thankfully no one was hurt as negotiators were finally able entice Christie away from the avocado with a bowl of salsa.