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All Flags Except for Pride Flag Now Considered Racist

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And flags are kind of jerks, too.

(Photo by shutterstock)

(Photo by shutterstock)

Recently, Rick Perlstein wrote an article in which he claimed the POW/MIA flag as racist. He called it “the other racist flag,” associating the emblem used to honor missing and captured soldiers from the Vietnam war with the confederate flag — a flag used to justify a war to keep people enslaved. And we here at the Farce Report couldn’t agree with Perlstein more!

Your dad was drafted into a conflict he wanted no part of, then captured and tortured by an enemy he didn’t really hate? Well, flying a flag to commemorate his experience is racist, pal. You might as well be shouting the N-word while wearing black face.

In fact, all flags are racist, except the pride flag. That’s right only gay people are allowed to have flags, because they’re also a minority.

Although, looking at the pride flag again, turns out it’s pretty racist too. Look at those colors: where’s the brown? Nowhere. Pretty racist towards blacks and latinos if you ask me.

In conclusion: all flags are racist, and flags that help POW’s and loved one’s of those missing in action cope with their hardships are definitely, very racist.

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