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Amazing! This Man Found Out How Long You Had to Eat Corn Before You Just Crapped Corn

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Now this is an amazing story!

can of corn on table

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Henry Palamore of Lublin, Wisconsin has made a truly fantastic discovery. Much like the great scientists of history (Da Vinci, Newton, Darwin, Einstein, to name a few) Palamore had a question that he wanted answered: How much corn do I need to eat before I just crap corn?

We’ve all had the same question. How could you not? It’s obvious that after you eat corn, it doesn’t get digested, it looks exactly the same on the way out as it did on the way in. Palamore noticed this and thought, “Wouldn’t it be pretty amazing if I just crapped corn?”

Again, a question we’ve all asked, but how many have ever had the guts to answer? None. That’s where Palamore separated from the pack and became a leader of scientific discovery. By just eating cans of corn, and nothing else he was able to change the way all humans think about eating corn.

Forget corn salsa, cornbreab, and corn chowder, it was just corn for Palamore straight from the can. A hero, really.

So what were his results? Three days. Eat corn for three days and you’ll crap just corn. AMAZING.

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