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Amazon CEO Promises to Stop Treating Americans like Chinese Children

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“Only Chinese children should be treated this poorly.”

(Photo by Getty / Mireya Acierto)

Photo by Getty/Mireya Acierto

After a New York Times expose uncovered an incredibly harsh and unforgiving corporate culture within Amazon, the company’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, has promised to stop treating his American employees like Chinese children.

“We at Amazon are incredibly embarrassed by the treatment some of our employees have received.” Bezos told reporters. “The reports of employees being forced out while dealing with personal tragedies like cancer or a miscarriage were shocking to me. I promise to keep that kind of behavior out of our offices and keep it in the sweatshops where all the things we sell are made.”

Amazon has already begun a very costly but thorough investigation into all of the claims the New York Times has made. Shareholders of the company need not worry, the in house investigation will not affect Amazon’s bottom line. Mr. Bezos plans to makeup the money by slashing pay at the Amazon Prime Factory in the Guizhou province from $1.07 to $0.75 an hour.

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