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Americans Deep Fry Big Mac, God Goes Back to the Drawing Board

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deep fried big mac

(Photo by Peep My Eats)

This week, the internet has discovered the deep fried Big Mac by Peep my Eats. As the famous bloggers dipped their first Big Mac into the hot oil, God watched down disenchanted with, what he thought was, his greatest creation.

“It’s back to the drawing board,” God told his son Jesus and his step-son Hank, as they played a seriously bad ass game of ping pong. God, who has already shown his disappointment with such human inventions as KFC and reality television, seems to finally be defeated. “You know, I really thought we had something around the turn of the century, what with Huey Lewis and the News reuniting.”

“Power of Love woooo,” said Hank.

“But this…” God pointed down to a man in front of a computer, removing his pants as he stared at the photo of the deep fried Big Mac, “I mean, what’s the point of even trying?”

God then receded to his room, where he dropped the needle on his 7-inch single of “I Want a New Drug,” and began designing a new, better human he planned to call Beyonce.

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