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Amid Clock Criticism, Ahmed Promises Next Clock Will Be “Da Bomb”

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“It’ll blow you away”

ahmed mohammed giving peace sign and the bomb clock

Source: Twitter @guardian (L) @DailyCaller (R)

Ahmed Mohammed, the 14-year-old that was briefly arrested for being a home-built clock that resembled a bomb to school, is still buzzing through the news. Why? Because more people are beginning to question the “inventiveness” of said clock that he brought to school. In reply, Ahmed claimed his next clock would “bring the house down,” and referred to it as being “da bomb.”

Earlier this week, well-known scientists and engineers pointed out that the clock Ahmed made was constructed of parts from a bedside alarm clock. Hardly an invention at all and more just a manipulation of an already made product. Ahmed, however, refuses to admit this claim, and instead insists his clock, and his next one will be real. In a statement he made outside his high school, Ahmed commented:

“While you may think my clock is a fake, I guarantee you, the next clock I build will be exploding with ingenuity. It will melt faces, and, quite literally blow you away.”

The crowd apprehensively clapped, worried they might look racist if they didn’t but also slightly concerned that Ahmed actually was going to make a bomb. None of whom would ever suggest such a terrible idea however for fear of being bombarded on the internet.

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