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Amy Schumer Proves Dad Bod Not Just For Dads

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Amy Schumer showing off body

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Comedy Central)

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Amy Schumer is on a hot streak.

Her show, Inside Amy Schumer, is a hit despite employing feminist humor on perianal sausage fest Comedy Central. This act of demographic defying magic earned Schumer high praise from comedic deity Tina Fey who called her “the biggest thing in comedy” – even if Fey did qualify that by adding “right now, at 10:45 pm on a Tuesday.”

And just you think the actress/writer can’t conceivably fly any higher, E! News lavished her with praise she’s unlikely to top: “Schumer is the first female to actually pull off dad bod.”

The 6’3, 94 lb host of Retarded Awesome Gossip went on to describe Schumer as “a yam in a shift dress, but, like, in a good way.”
Who needs feminism when you’re a young 30-something girl who can pull off dad bod?

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