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Amy Schumer’s Bravest Rolls, Ranked

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America’s number one role roll model is at it again! Amy Schumer proved once again that women that are slightly fatter than models but still relatively attractive and rich are actually the truest heroes we have, by posing nude in a photograph taken by Annie Liebowitz. Obviously Amy’s brave, but which part of her is the bravest?


Source: Instagram @iamantoniogallo

Click to see Amy Schumer’s top 6 rolls, ranked.


#6 The little one by her ribs


Source: Instagram @iamantoniogallo

This is a pretty small roll, and honestly, not that impressive. Even a pretty in shape, healthy woman could probably sport a roll like that since it is near her boobs. Still, this is typically the kind of thing that would get photoshopped out. Not her bravest, but still pretty brave.

#5 The top stomach roll


Source: Instagram @iamantoniogallo

Again, this is a pretty fat roll, but we’ve seen fatter.