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Apparently American Women Did Something with Soccer?

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(Photo by Getty / Ronald Martinez )

Last Sunday, as we’re told, some American women did something with soccer. Apparently, it was a big deal, because President Obama called some girls in a room and told them they did a good job for something. Supposedly, whatever these girls did, was witnessed by over 26 million viewers, none of which actually remembered or cared to tell anyone else about what happened.

The Farce investigated for three days now and are still a little unsure as to what happened on Sunday. We know there were women involved because, otherwise, we’d all be talking about it. And we know it has something to do with soccer, which makes the story even more boring. Worst, the whole thing took place in Canada, basically a time suck for anything newsworthy.

If you have any information about the happenings on Sunday that involved American women with soccer, please contact us as we might be interested in hearing more about it. But, probably not.

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