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Apple Reveals New iPhone Trick to Double Your Battery Life

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Tim Cook Reveals Double BAttery Life

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Big news from Apple’s Cupertino, California headquarters where they just released a new discovery on Apple’s iPhone that can give you twice the battery life.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, held a small press conference – very unlike the company’s usual extravagant presentations – to show a handful of reporters the new discovery that can give you twice the battery life of a regular iPhone.

“See here,” Tim Cook said and pulled out an iPhone. “This iPhone holds a regular battery life of about 35 hours.” Cook then pulled out a second iPhone from his pocket. “Now, this iPhone here, also holds a battery life of about 35 hours.” The group of reporters looked on, slightly confused. “But together,” Cook said as he put the phones next to each other, “That’s almost 70 hours of battery life.”

Cook explained that there wasn’t much additional cost to the trick, other than buying a second iPhone.

Already, mobs of dedicated Apple fans have stormed stores in hopes of buying an additional iPhone to extend their battery life. Apple’s profits are estimated to double, if not triple by the end of the day.

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