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Arby’s Says Farewell to Jon Stewart in Amazing Ad

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No hard feelings.

(Photo by YouTube / Comedy Central)

Photo by YouTube / Comedy Central

Jon Stewart is almost gone. For 16 years the host of the Daily Show has criticized politics and culture in a way that revolutionized comedic television. While his main concentration of lambasting were politicians, he often spent time teasing other areas of mainstream media, and one of his favorite victims? Arby’s.

Though he may have called Abry’s everything from “a meal this is a dare for your colon,” and “what it’s like if your stomach got kicked in the balls,” it’s all, of course, in jest. And that’s why Arby’s purchased ad time on Jon Stewart’s last Daily Show this Thursday. A sort of ‘No hard feelings’ from the fast food company that often makes you feel like a hobo shoved his foot down your throat. They’ll have two commercials airing tonight, here’s one of their hilarious placements.

Hungry? Probably not.

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