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Area Man Putting Too Much Faith in Pizza Place’s Sole 5 Star Yelp Review

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Man disappointed in grey pizza

(Photo by DRosa)

Despite an overall rating of 2.5 stars based on 46 total reviews, area man Lawrence Frink ordered five large cheese pizzas and 12 buffalo wings from local business Pizza Palace.

Frink, who’s pretty much had his heart set on pizza since a coworker got some for lunch last Tuesday, showed an impressive willingness to ignore dozens of reviews that mentioned Pizza Palace’s poor cleanliness, lack of timely service, and general inability to correctly prepare an order.

Whenever reading a negative review about the restaurant, Frink took solace in the sole 5 star review the restaurant received, from Yelp user EmKohl66.

“Yea, some reviews weren’t great,” admits Frink, “but this EmKohl guy seems to be on to something. I mean he wrote that it was the ‘hottest, freshest’ pizza in the whole city!”

Public records indicate the owner of Pizza Palace is 49 year old Emmanuel Kohl. As of press time, Mr. Frink was waiting for his food to arrive, 30 minutes after the expected delivery time.

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