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Artsy Dad Actually Pretty Bummed his Gay Son Likes Sports

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“I wanted him to be a dancer.”

Reports suggest that local artsy dad, Michael Jones, is actually pretty bummed his gay son, Alex, likes sports.

Jones, a professor of sculpting at the Rhode Island Institute of Design, had always hoped he’d have a son that followed in his footsteps. When Alex showed an affinity for other boys at a relatively young age, the art school professor was ecstatic, though his dreams were quickly squashed when it became clear where Alex’s true interest lie.

Reporters recently caught up with the elder Jones in the stands of his son’s soccer games.

“I just wish he was more into fashion or something. Maybe painting? I’d love it if my son were into fine art, but I guess being good at kicking things will have to do.” Jones said with a sigh before returning to the scarf he was knitting in the stands.

At press time, Michael was trying to convince his son to reject a soccer scholarship and instead take a trip through India “to find himself.”

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