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Aunt’s Racism Tolerated Because of Delicious Sweet Potato Pie

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Clenching their fists while ignoring the third racial slur of the afternoon, the Franklin family of Wilmington, Delaware was tolerating their Aunt Margaret’s racism because of her delicious sweet potato pie. Margaret, or Marge for short, is a decorated baker, running her own successful cafe and having won 1st place in a number of regional pastry competitions. She is also a horrific racist who, if given even 30 seconds of silence, will attempt to convince you that “Jews control all the TV stations.”

“Marge is so horrible to be around. I brought my Korean friend Charlotte to dinner one year– biggest mistake of my life,” recalls the youngest Franklin daughter, Claire.

“We must’ve heard the word oriental 40 times and she kept saying ‘Thanks for Pearl Harbor.’ I was mortified. But her sweet potato pie tastes like angels are dancing on your tongue.”

“2008 was brutal” remembers Claire’s father and Marge’s brother, Larry.

“The Obama election really tested this family and made us realize that we value award winning pies more than we detest hate speech.”

At press time, the entire family was eating pie and so happy, they were completely unaware Aunt Marge had been talking about the scientifically smaller brain size of “blacks and latins” for 10 straight minutes.

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