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Baltimore Riots Is Actually An Epic Promo For “The Wire: The Movie”

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Demonstrators climb on a destroyed Baltimore Police car

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

BALTIMORE, MD – Today, the protests and demonstrations that have gripped Baltimore and captivated the attention of the world were revealed to be an elaborately planned and orchestrated guerilla marketing-style stunt to kick-off production on “The Wire: The Movie”, a film followup to the critically-acclaimed HBO program, “The Wire.”

“Wire” creator and producer-director-writer of the upcoming film, David Simon, announced on Twitter that he was “thrilled to bring us all back to the streets of Baltimore, and to catch up with McNulty, Bunk, Lt. Daniels, and the rest of the gang!”

“The Wire”, which originally aired from 2002-2008, is one of the most highly-regarded TV series of all time. Set in Baltimore, the show explored the heart of the modern American city, examining issues and the interplay between the police, criminals, the public education system, city and state government, the working-class, and the media.

Simon went on to say, “Our show was lauded for its gritty realism, and what’s more gritty and real than a race-motivated killing by police and the ensuing fallout?” Freddie Gray, the cops who “killed” him, and many of the original protesters are members of the improv troupe, The Charm City Players, and according to Simon, everything else “just grew organically from there.”

“The Wire: The Movie” is expected to hit theaters Christmas 2016.