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Bazinga! Says Boring Moron While Dipping Bacon in Guacamole

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bazninga dude

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At a recent dinner party, local man Bobby Lawhorn, shouted “Bazinga!” while dipping a slice of bacon into a bowl of guacamole.

“Usually, I yell Bazinga whenever I say a good joke. Like for example if someone asked me to help them move I’d say something like ‘Yeah, that sounds fun — BAZINGA’” Lawhorn explained, while snort laughing to himself, “but this time I was just saying it to show how much I love both bacon and guacamole. I mean bacon and guacamole are just so epic. They are so much win,” the author of the self-published e-book How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse for Noobz told reporters.

The phrase Bazinga was popularized by the hit TV show Big Bang Theory, which Lawhorn describes as “Epic” and “full of win.” He shouted it while snacking during a game of Cards Against Humanity, Lawhorn’s favorite card game and one that he calls “very win” and “epic.”

After the game concluded, Lawhorn—who’s OkCupid profile describes him as “fluent in sarcasm”—changed the topic of discussion amongst his friends to Halloween costumes. After it was discovered that all four of the men present at the party had the same idea, they played rock paper scissors to determine who would get to dress up as Ron Swanson, Nick Offerman’s character from Parks and Recreation. Luckily for Lawhorn, he won the contest.

“I’ve never seen the show but I’ve loved the character after I saw a bunch of his GIFs on the Chive. And, even better, he loves bacon!”

Though Lawhorn’s friends were disappointed they would not get to portray the mustachioed, internet favorite for Halloween, they all agreed Lawhorn was going to have an “epic win” of a costume.

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