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Bee-filled Piñata Ruins Local Birthday Party

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(Photo Credit: Getty / BigStock / SNEHITDESIGN / Blend / MonkeyBusiness)

You never know what’s going to come out of a piñata. Chocolate? Skittles? That weird Japanese candy where they make gummy versions of savory food like hamburgers?

Whatever it is, you don’t expect it to have wings and come out angry.

Unfortunately for the Mendoza family, that’s exactly what happened when their son’s piñata was broken this past Saturday.

Their afternoon celebration got a bit sting-y when 200 bees erupted from a battered papier-mâché donkey. Unfortunately, the child who successfully broke the piñata attempted to fight off the furious insects while still blindfolded injuring 3 in the process.

None of the injuries were serious, but all in attendance admitted it would take some time before they felt comfortable around paper livestock or children wielding brooms as weapons.