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What is Subtle Ugly? The Before and After of Three Cursed People

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Do you take bad selfies? Are your friends mad at you for always ruining their photos? Ever see a photo of yourself and wonder, “am I ugly?” You might have what doctors call Subtle Ugly.

Subtle Ugly is when a person intentionally or unintentionally makes their face look bad in a photo. If you do it unintentionally you may need to be diagnosed and medicated for be able to function within normal society.

We found three people who have been diagnosed with subtle ugly and decided to help. With the help from the charity Stop the Subtle, we were able to transform their horrible smiles into something pure and lovable. You don’t want to miss the before and after of these subtle ugly sufferers.

Thanks to the charity Stop the Subtle these three friends will never take a bad selfie or an ugly photo ever again. If you know a friend who suffers from subtle ugly, SHARE this video and let them know they’re not alone.