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Ben Affleck Tries to Hide More of His Terrible Past, Specifically ‘Gigli’

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Just last week, reports emerged that Ben Affleck tried to cover certain aspects of his past for the PBS show, Finding Your Roots. A distant relative of Affleck’s once owned slaves, and he asked the producers to leave out that information because, as he told Facebook, “I was embarrassed. The very thought left a bad taste in my mouth.” The show, which aired in October 2014, made no mention of the slave-owning relative, but last week, as WikiLeaks provided emails from Sony, the world discovered what Affleck had asked the show to do.

As more emails leaked, the plot thickened.

Not only did Affleck want PBS to cover up his terrible past, he also asked the movie database IMDB to scratch out some of his history, specifically Gigli. “I didn’t want people remembering me for one of the most awful atrocities that a human could ever do…make a movie with J.Lo.”

No doubt Gigli was terrible. With a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 6% it’s just barely worse than the historical tragedy of Pearl Harbor, which Affleck also asked IMDB to remove. “The only thing worse than Pearl Harbor was the actual Pearl Harbor.”

IMDB refused to remove the movies from their website saying, “Many people have experienced serious torture in those theaters. Their eyes cannot un-watch those movies, and you need to live with that, Ben.”

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