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Bi-Polar Bear Befriends Penguin Then Eats It

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bi-polar bear eats penguin

(Photo by ANDRES LARROVERE/AFP/Getty Images)

SITKA AK – When Terry Karl, a male emperor penguin living in Alaska, found a new friend in a 6’9 700lb polar bear. His friends told him something was fishy, but as an avid fish lover, the warning meant little to Terry.

That was 2 months ago. Today, Terry’s friends are mourning the loss of penguin many called “the life of the arctic.”

Unfortunately, the polar bear suffered from acute bi-polar disorder. One day he was amped up, printing off headshots to take to an audition for a Coca-Cola commercial, the next he was dying his hair black and posting cryptic song lyrics on Facebook.

But the question remains: Could Terry’s life have been saved had the bi-polar bear been properly treated?

The Farce Report reached out to psychologist in the area for comment, they unanimously agreed the polar bear would not have been admitted to any clinics in the area given the fact that he was a bear.

In memory of Terry Karl
2006 – 2015

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