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Biden Calls Iran Nuke Deal ‘da bomb’ and Promptly Pulled From Stage

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(Photo by YouTube / The White House)

WASHINGTON D.C. – Shortly after history was made in the form of a major Iran Nuke Agreement, Joe Biden stepped all up in it. Again.

After months of high-level negotiations, President Obama reached an agreement with Iran to reduce the sandy nation’s ability to cook up a bomb they’d likely immediately use to blow up Israel.

Obama called the agreement “the greatest diplomatic achievement of his presidency,” to warm applause. Biden followed by calling it “da bomb,” which was met with awkward silence and a Shepard’s hook used to drag the gray haired gaff machine off stage.

“We had to get a new ‘gaff staff’ after the last administration,” said one White House official. “Dubya wore our last one out, he was so hard to pull away. George wasn’t a big man, but he sure was dense.”

Iran also celebrated the deal citing their need to get newer centrifuges anyway. “We broke two [centrifuges] by trying make beer in them,” said an Iranian spokesman in the U.S. to collect the billions promised them by the agreement.

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