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Billy Joel Finally Admits He Did Start the Fire

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Billy Joel Admits to Starting th Fire

Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Billy Joel, the singer/songwriter at the center of Showtime’s new documentary The Joel confessed to arson in the series finale.

Unbeknownst to Joel, camera crews continued recording a private session at the piano as he tickled the ivories. After a moving rendition of “Piano Man”, the 65 year old transitioned to a somber version of “We Didn’t Start the Fire”, – a song under much scrutiny as Joel never admitted to who We was, and if they did, in fact, start a fire. Viewers were stunned when, halfway through the second chorus, Joel slammed on the keys. “We?” he muttered to himself. “We didn’t? Well, than who did? Of course- I started the fire.”

Shortly after the finale’s premiere, Joel’s house in Centre Island, New York was raided where police found matches, BIC lighters, and rolled up newspapers.

Joel’s lawyers will most certainly try and exclude the confession, on grounds it was illegally recorded.

Here’s Billy Joel’s original 1989 testimony:

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