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Boss Is Happy He Can Pay Newly Transwoman Less Money

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boss and transwoman in an office

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William Durling, the owner and president of Durling Architecture, is thrilled he can pay his employee Marcia, formerly Mike, less money now that she has transitioned into a woman.

Durling, a well known conservative, was willing to put his personal beliefs aside when he realized he could pay Edwards 77 cents on the dollar following her transition.

“Yeah, look the whole trans thing makes me sick, but you know what doesn’t? Saving money and marginalizing women,” Durling was quoted as saying.

“Besides, Mikey was always kind of a smart mouth, but as a man, I had to respect him. Now that she’s Marcia, I’m really looking forward to giving the credit for her ideas to men and generally not giving her my full attention when she’s talking.”

At press time, Durling was trying to decide whether he would feel gay sexually harassing a transwoman or not.

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